Take My Girlfriend For Your Birthday

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Riley Reid wants to do something special for her husband’s birthday, she knows how to keep her man happy, keep the relationship exciting. Riley and her best friend Paige Owens are super close and when she puts the idea to Paige, she is totally down with it. Riley knows that her husband fantasizes about her and now is the time to make that a reality. Riley has always been attracted to the voyeuristic aspect and now she can indulge herself as well as her husband. What an incredibly Happy Birthday…

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Taking Charge

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Riley Reid has just got her first job since she left college, and she’s hating it. The problem is, she has bills to pay, so she has no choice. The company is going through a huge merger and Adriana Chechik, her supervisor, is in charge of keeping the Italian businessman they are dealing with happy, with Riley at her side. At first, the girls find it hard to grab his attention, so Riley decides to take a more direct approach. When Adriana returns from the kitchen, she finds herself with no alternative but to join in the fun.

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Eva Part 2

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After getting some real creative inspiration from her publisher, writer Eva Lovia is looking for more and is getting some help from her girlfriend, Riley Reid. They conduct a little experiment to make sure Eva becomes inspired once again… When they turn up at a fabulous pool party, they begin to make out in front of everyone, and before they know it, they are hooking up with a hot stranger. It looks like her next novel is going to be a real hit!

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Being Riley Final Chapter

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Riley Reid returns once again for the final chapter of her wonderful sexual adventure. Riley has been seeing her new man for a while now, and they have moved in together. He is more than happy with their open relationship, and Riley wants to tell Sarah all about a sexy threesome she had with him and his friend. James agrees to bring Mark in on the fun to make Riley’s deepest fantasy come true. When Riley walks into the room looking hot as hell in her black lingerie, she soon gets both their hard dicks in her mouth, taking turns to suck them. She gets spitroasted by them both in either end before they take their time easing both their dicks at once into both her holes! She’s never had a double penetration before, and this is more than she could have possibly imagined! She can’t believe how good it feels being fucked by two dicks at the same time, and it turns her on so much that he pussy squirts as she gets banged in her ass! After getting spitroasted once again, they both cover her sweet face with their thick cumloads. Sarah really loved the story and it leaves her soaking wet. Who knows what will happen next?

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Being Riley Chapter 3

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Six months have past and Riley Reid is moving into her new pad. She has a whole new life now, being sexually open and enjoying every minute! She met Rob at a party, and she knows exactly what she wants to do to him when she gets the opportunity! Not only is her ass on the menu, but he is a hot black man too! She makes it quite clear that she’s seriously into him, and just how she likes to enjoy sex in every way possible. Once they are in the bedroom, he rims her sweet little ass, getting her hot and excited. When she sucks his cock, she takes it as far down her throat as she can, making her gag. He fucks her tight pussy at first, making her squirt as she cums, before he fills her ass with his huge black dick, getting her breathing so hard and fast! She climbs on board and he fucks her pussy, before she begs for him to fuck her ass once again. She stops to briefly suck him before getting it back into her butt to finish the job, she feels him about to cum and he milks his load onto her pretty face!

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Being Riley Chapter 2

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Riley Reid is back with Chapter 2 of her anal adventures. She’s having the time of her life at her friend Sarah’s place in L.A. After her first anal encounter with one of Sarah’s closest friends, Riley is left hungry for more. Sarah (a.k.a. Aidra Fox) tells Riley how she has always fantasised about sharing a big dick with her, and soon this fantasy is well and truly a reality! After shopping for sexy matching lingerie, they can’t believe their luck when they get hold of Manuel’s thick dick, and suck it together. Like the BFF’s they are, they love to share everything! He services both their hot pussies first, before banging into Riley’s tight little ass. It’s Sarah’s turn next, taking every big in her beautiful butthole, leaving it gaping wide open. Then it’s back to Riley, with Sarah watching closely as he fucks Riley’s ass hard and fast, before pulling out and giving Sarah a creamy cum ending!

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Riley Reid Being Riley Chapter 1

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Beautiful Riley Reid is a petite stunner who is known for being a good girl. She is bored and frustrated, being engaged and realising that she will only ever have sex with only one person is not something she wants for her future. She decides to escape rural Green view to see her friend Sarah, who lives in Los Angeles, a world away from what she is used to. She is relaxing in the bath when Sarah decides to join her for a bath time that gets more than a little steamy between them, including fingering and licking Riley’s virgin ass. After they have pleasured each other totally, Sarah confesses that she has a very rich sugar daddy who pays for her lush lifestyle. When Sarah messages her from work to ask her to pick up her purse that she left at her friend’s house, Riley is happy to help out. When she arrives, he is everything she could hope for, sexy, attractive and sophisticated. He picks up on Riley’s attraction and it’s not long before she is in his arms. He licks her soft pussy before she sucks on his hard dick and he enters her and making her moan with pleasure. She asks him to do something she’s never done before, fuck her tight little asshole. He takes it slow, squeezing his thick shaft into her hot hole. She is soon taking his whole cock in her butt and loving every second. After banging her newly fucked asshole, he unloads his hot cumshot all over her sweet face!

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